Video for the song TR3

Song updates

New versions.

Still trying out different mixes and vocals. But more or less close to what these will be when done.

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Nameless beta v3

Still working on the vocals, not getting quite what I want.

But this where it’s at right now.

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OSC one-shot script

Doing assorted multimedia work I often need to check if this or that OSC server is doing what I expect.

osc-repl is a handy tool when you want to send assorted messages to a particular address and port.

It requires some set-up, though.

I wanted another way to send OSC, something simpler. So I wrote a short script.

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Video for Neurogami track Fallout Culture

Fallout Culture from Neurogami on Vimeo.

“Fallout Culture” is a track from the upcoming Neurogami album, Maximum R&D

Available on iTunes and Amazon.

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I'm ever so slowly working on a set of short, to-the-point e-books focused on technology for artists and other hackers.

I've already published Just the Best Parts: OSC for Artists

OSC for Artists, by James Britt

OSC for Artists - PDF/Mobi/EPub bundle

You can also visit the James Britt Amazon author page.

My brother Gerry has written an outstanding collection of essays about his travels in Ireland.

Goodwill on Credit: Travels in Ireland

Goodwill on Credit, by Gerry Britt


I'm an artist, writer, musician, and technologist living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I'm currently working on some E-books, focusing on technology for artists: Kinect Hacking for Artists and Open Sound Control for Artists.

I've some articles here, and you can read about some of my software projects as well

I like to see a strong Phoenix community of creative, inventive people, and helped start Refresh Phoenix (now sadly defunct), Ignite Phoenix, Refactor Phoenix, Barcamp Phoenix, AZ Hackers, and the Phoenix Ruby User Group.

I run Neurogami, an art+technology multimedia development company.

You can also find me at Google+, SoundCloud, Twitter, CD Baby, Ello, and probably a few other places.

To reach me, see my About page.