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Neurogami: Dance Noise

Neurogami: Maximum R&D


Here’s a track I released as Neurogami

Grab some red/cyan anaglyph glasses for best viewing.

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New album American Electronic released

It’s my birthday!

I’ve released an album electronic music.

As a birthday gift, for today, it’s pay-what-you-want. Free, if you like.

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Winter Last

This is maybe a bit late, but despite the seasonal theme this comp is evergreen.

I have a track on the Winter 2019 comp from I Heart Noise.

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There’s a terrific compilation out from TQ zine, called Tone Quanta.

I am very pleased to have been able to contribute a track.

Here it is. It’s called Cognation

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Review of Small Guitar Pieces

There’s a very nice review of Small Guitar Pieces over on I Heart Noise

If you’re new to that site you are in for a treat because it’s always full of good new-music information.

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I _was_ ever so slowly working on a set of short, to-the-point e-books focused on technology for artists and other hackers.

I've already published Just the Best Parts: OSC for Artists

OSC for Artists, by James Britt

OSC for Artists - PDF/Mobi/EPub bundle

You can also visit the James Britt Amazon author page.

My brother Gerry has written an outstanding collection of essays about his travels in Ireland.

Goodwill on Credit: Travels in Ireland

Goodwill on Credit, by Gerry Britt

Some suggested listening

I've assembled a page of music by artists I think merit your consideration.

Suggested listening


I'm an artist, writer, musician, and technologist living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I'm currently working on some E-books, focusing on technology for artists: Kinect Hacking for Artists and Open Sound Control for Artists.

I've some articles here, and you can read about some of my software projects as well

I like to see a strong Phoenix community of creative, inventive people, and helped start Refresh Phoenix (now sadly defunct), Ignite Phoenix, Refactor Phoenix, Barcamp Phoenix, AZ Hackers, and the Phoenix Ruby User Group.

I run Neurogami, an art+technology multimedia development company.

You can also find me at Google+, SoundCloud, Twitter, CD Baby, Ello, and probably a few other places.

To reach me, see my About page.