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New album Loosies (2022-03-15)

New track - Visiting (2021-07-16)

From out of isolation (2020-07-10)

Quarantseen (2020-07-05)

Command-line script for Joplin note-taking program (2020-06-06)

Interlude (2020-03-09)

New album American Electronic released (2019-07-14)

Winter Last (2019-04-24)

Cognation (2019-03-13)

Review of Small Guitar Pieces (2018-10-10)

Holger Czukay Papertoy (2018-08-19)

Compilation Album July 2018 (2018-07-15)

Recent music of interest May 2018 (2018-05-12)

More tracks (2018-02-07)

Small Guitar Pieces now at Seven Tracks (2017-11-12)

This Climate - New song added to Small Guitar Pieces (2017-06-20)

Small Guitar Pieces early releases (2017-04-18)

Maximum R&D Spotify Playlist (2016-11-28)

My debut album has been released (2016-11-16)

Updated tracks for October (2016-10-21)

Beta-version 2 of Five-story Walk-up (2016-08-30)

Beta version 2 of Washington Heights (2016-08-21)

Beta release of new track Washington Heights (2016-08-05)

Age of Reason video from Neurogami (2016-07-13)

New version of Five-story Walk-up (2016-06-29)

Neurogami debut album available on iTunes Amazon Google (2016-06-18)

Debut album from Neurogami out now (2016-05-23)

Nameless on Youtube (2016-05-03)

Five-story Walk-up beta release (2016-04-23)

2015 Renoise Soundcloud Playlist (2016-03-27)

TR3 on iTunes (2016-02-24)

Updated version of 40 West Past Thoureau (2016-02-17)

Where to buy TR3 (2016-02-15)

Video for the song TR3 (2016-02-04)

Song updates (2016-02-02)

Nameless beta v3 (2016-01-08)

OSC one-shot script (2015-12-03)

Video for Neurogami track Fallout Culture (2015-11-29)

Some Neurogami Vine Videos (2015-11-07)

Neurogami track Autumn Again (2015-10-11)

New track from Neurogami - Scottsdale (Wildlife) (2015-09-20)

Blast from the past (2015-09-02)

James Britt on Spotify (2015-08-21)

Find my music on Amazon (2015-08-20)

New Renoise tool - Master Muter (2015-07-19)

Deep-dreaming 1979 (2015-07-05)

Leap Motion and Processing - Read my interview on the Leap Motion blog (2015-07-02)

LeapMotionP5 updated (2015-06-08)

New track - Nameless beta v2 (2015-05-07)

USB keyboard not working in WIn7 when dual-booting Ubuntu 14.04 (2015-04-26)

New track released: TR3 (2015-04-13)

Minor Swingset, Monkeybars, Rawr update (2015-03-26)

Ruby Stuff (2015-03-17)

Video for Across (to 59th 2 a.m.) (2015-02-22)

Across (to 59th, 2am) (2015-02-14)

Kinect with Processing to send OSC and MIDI (2015-02-07)

New Renoise tools (2015-01-18)

Fork of osc-ruby to add support for Boolean (2015-01-08)

OSC Jumper for Renoise released (2014-12-22)

Video for the Neurogami track "Morgen" (2014-12-16)

Wiivisiting old software (2014-12-02)

Ello (2014-11-01)

Sharing Lua script files among Renoise tools (2014-10-23)

Renoise send-track scripting with MIDI and Lua (2014-10-12)

How We Sleep (2014-09-28)

Renoise send-track scripting with Lua and OSC (2014-09-21)

New Neurogami track - Age of Reason (2014-08-24)

Kicking off the Chinese Forehead wiki (2014-08-08)

Happy Birthday! (2014-07-15)

Goodwill on Credit - Travels in Ireland (2014-06-25)

Setting up a WiFly RN-XV board with Teensy 3.1 (2014-06-13)

ImageMagick image averaging (2014-05-27)

Renoise automation and multiple send tracks (2014-05-08)

Scripting Processing with MIDI (2014-04-28)

Using Lua to process MIDI messages in Renoise (2014-04-21)

Video for the track "Kempten" (2014-04-13)

Morgen, a new Neurogami track (2014-04-08)

Tricking the Flora to do HID MIDI (2014-03-28)

New Renoise tool for entering raw MIDI values (2014-03-20)

Scripting Processing with MIDI (2014-03-06)

New track and video from Neurogami (2014-03-01)

Getting configgy with Processing (2014-02-18)

Rawr 1.7.0 released (2014-02-05)

Some HackPHX 2014 images (2014-01-30)

Using a gem with Rawr (2014-01-26)

Getting and installing LeapMotionP5 (2014-01-25)

LeapMotionP5 examples explained (2014-01-13)

Neurogami tracks update (2014-01-04)

Holiday Special - OSC for Artists available for pay-what-you-want (2013-12-17)

LeapMotionP5 updated (2013-12-06)

Happy birthday to me (2013-07-15)

Intro to AnimataP5-ng (2013-06-02)

AnimataP5 now for Processing v2 (2013-05-12)

OSC for Artists has been published (2013-04-20)

Ruby security alerts displayed on ruby-doc (2013-03-08)

Leap Motion, WebSockets, and Game Dev (2013-03-06)

Leap Hacking (2013-02-18)

Upcoming stuff: Leap Motion; polymer clay and thermoplastics (2013-01-27)

OSC REPL (2012-12-09)

Ten-minute Update (2012-11-18)

An Ableton Live Remixing Experiment (2012-11-05)

OSC Commander part two (2012-10-09)

OSC Commander, part one (2012-10-06)

Getting lazy with bash (2012-09-27)

Art and Technology User Group (2012-09-19)

Keen Halloween Ready to Rock (2012-09-09)

RubyXML.com (2012-08-22)

Keen Halloween is coming in September (2012-08-04)

Today is my birthday so here is a gift (2012-07-15)

Coffee and Code June Update (2012-06-08)

Coffee and Code Continues (2012-05-06)

Scottsdale Coffee and Code Once Again (2012-04-29)

Coffee and Code Scottsdale (2012-04-23)

Managing limited desktop space and multiple projects (2012-03-14)

Good Things Happen (2012-03-12)

Gone Static (2012-03-06)

Kinect Hacking for Artists Date Changed (2012-01-02)

The Memes They Burn (2012-01-29)

Kinect for Artists notes posted (2010-12-29)

Kinect Hacking for Artists Date Changed (2012-01-02)

The Memes They Burn (2012-01-29)

Kinect for Artists notes posted (2010-12-29)

Occupy Phoenix (2011-10-16)

Catching Up on Rawr + Monkeybars (2011-10-17)

Art Official Intelligence (2011-10-22)

Ruby-doc.org Officially Updated (2011-10-03)

Kinect Hacking for Artists (2011-12-11)

Arduino Cookbook Party With Food and Demos (2011-03-10)

Lyahfgg (2011-04-15)

Code Coffee at Osp Tempe Now a Weekly Event (2011-06-02)

Quick Impressions (2011-07-02)

Road Work (2011-07-02)

Dance Noise 1979 Two Chinese Forehead Gigs (2011-09-02)

Ruby-doc.org Beta (2011-09-20)

Some Pix (2010-04-25)

Wii Playing With Ruby (2009-03-17)

10 Minutes to Your First Ruby Application (2009-05-31)

Cross Platform Development With Jruby and Swing (2009-05-31)

From the O Reilly Ruby Blog (2009-09-02)

Professional Visual Basic 6 Xml (2008-07-01)

Extending Your Web Applications Interface Using Xml Xsl Visual Basic and Asp (2007-04-14)

Interactive Java Jdom Online Tutorial (2007-04-14)

Manipulating Ooo Documents With Ruby (2007-04-14)

Transforming Xml the Rexml Pull Parser (2007-04-14)

How I Did It Rubystuff Com (2007-04-08)

Ruby and Vba for Web Dictionary Searches (2007-04-08)

Black Boxing With Ruby (2007-05-25)

Moutainwest Rubyconf 2007 Videos (2007-05-29)